Due to ongoing UK AI restrictions, visitors are not allowed to feed our birds for now. Many thanks for your continued patience.

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We are open but some areas closed due to flood damage

We have had significant damage to some paths on site due to the flooding on 5 October so some areas are currently closed.

The area near Hunters Creek cabin and our otter enclosure were badly affected by the heavy rainfall, so we have closed the main path from the otters to the river viewpoint and Wader Lake, as well as the path to Hunters Creek cabin.

This does mean that you will need to plan your day around the closures if you are visiting us:

  • The compost toilet and Northumbrian Water hide are both closed, as is the path from the otter enclosure to the river viewpoint.
  • Spring Gill, the amphibian ponds and the 3 other hides along Wader Lake remain open.
  • Hawthorn Wood and the saline lagoon paths also remain open.
  • If you are an electric scooter or wheelchair user, you are able to get to Wader Lake via Hollowood. You can also access North Wood and Top Meadow. You will need to double back on yourself and exit back via Hollowood (if coming from Wader Lake) or North Wood (if coming from Top Meadow). Unfortunately Spring Gill is not accessible with a scooter or wheelchair due to the steep incline.
  • All collection areas remain open as expected with the exception of Hunters Creek. The otter platform will remain open for viewing.

If you need any advice or assistance, please speak to our team on 0191 416 5454 or on arrival and we'll be happy to help.

Areas closed

Map with areas closed - flood damage Oct 21.jpg