A Steart Walk Photo Story

For many of us, being beside water is intensely calming and powerfully inspiring. Evidence shows that spending time in and around 'blue' spaces can improve our mood and reduce our stress levels. Simply getting outside for some fresh air and exercise can work wonders on our mental and physical wellbeing. These images reveal some of the joys and surprises which can be found on our nature reserve all year round.

This is a photo story of a walk around Steart Marshes, kindly walked, written, photographed and passed on to us by one of our wonderful volunteers, Jenny McCubbin. A version of this story has also appeared in the community newsletter Stockland Gatepost. This photo story takes a closer look at a walk familiar to many in the villages close to the reserve. The route followed was a Steart Circuit, travelling anticlockwise from Otterhampton, via Combwich, up to Steart village and back, on a sunny morning last autumn.

Otterhampton Marshes looking towards the Mendips.


Cobwebs everywhere, catching the early light.


Past Combwich, along the banks of the River Parrett, looking back towards Hill Farm, Otterhampton.


‘Sit spot’ at Mendip Hide, looking towards Combwich.


Another sit spot close to the car park amongst the rose hips.


From the hide, looking towards the River Parrett and, beyond that, Glastonbury.


Turning around, looking towards Hinkley Point.


From the path looking towards Bridgwater Bay, and beyond that, Wales.