Whatever your level of interest in wildlife London Wetland Centre has something new to look out for each season. The timelapse video below was created by one of our reserve wardens.

Whether you are a keen birdwatcher or if you just want to come for a relaxing walk, London Wetland Centre is the ideal place for you.

What to see in...



Autumn is a fantastic time to watch wildlife. There are likely to be numerous migrant wading birds including black-tailed godwits, green sandpipers and greenshanks.

Wildlife surprises can include bearded tits and migrating merlins. As foliage disappears from the trees you can often get a better view of the reserve's smaller birds too, such as Cetti's warblers and long-tailed tits.

Look out for the elusive bitterns. These well-camouflaged birds of the heron family stand among the reeds at the water’s edge waiting for suitable fish to swim within their reach!

Numbers of wintering ducks such as shoveler, teal, gadwall and wigeon will begin to rise – a treat in itself as they are some of the UK’s prettiest ducks.

There are plenty of berries to spot in the trees and bushes including rowan, hawthorn, guelder rose and rosehips, dogwood and blackthorn.