Spring 2021

From the fragrant aroma of wildflowers to the delightful song of the chiffchaff, London Wetland Centre comes to life in spring.

Spring's warmer weather and increased daylight hours are perfect to get outdoors. Taking walks and seeing flowers in bloom are also part of what makes spring so great. Here at the London Wetland Centre, larger mammals that have mated in autumn give birth to their young. The fluffy ducklings and fledgling birds are around the reserve enjoying the stunning backdrop of blooming wildflowers.


Female Common Shelduck With Chick

The numbers of breeding sand martins are increasing every year. They nest in our specially designed colony bank on the Wader Scrape, where they forage for insects on the wing.


SandMartins at the entrance to artificial nest bank

In spring, it’s hard not to be enchanted by the great crested grebe’s courtship dance. The birds face one another, their striking orange and black plumes erect, then flick their heads from side to side, bob in unison, and swim low and slowly towards each other in the water.

RS28975_WWT_150204_1574-lpr.jpgGreat-crested Grebe courtship display

Sunshine bright- yellow wagtails are likely to be seen darting around, feeding on the insects the cattle disturb as they graze.

RS36524_WWT_130414_0001-scr.jpgYellow wagtail & highland cow on the grass

It’s also, a great time to see orchids, irises and snake’s head fritillaries, as well as many other wildflowers coming into bloom in our sustainable gardens.

RS29582_WWT_150204_1941-lpr.jpgSnakes-head Fritillary

RS28925_WWT_150204_1624-lpr.jpgBee Orchid


Yellow-flag Iris