Winter Wonder Wetland

This year, people have been connecting with nature in new and interesting ways and winter at WWT Caerlaverock is the perfect excuse to wrap up and get outdoors to experience the beauty that the coldest season has to offer on and around our wetland reserve.

WWT Caerlaverock is an awe-inspiring place to visit with loved ones to experience the joy and restorative power of nature this winter. A sprinkling of frost and a heavy-hanging sun casting an ethereal glow across our expanse of wetlands is a must for anyone looking for a lift. Our reserve is packed with winter wetland wildlife and opportunities to get back to nature and create cherished memories. WWT Caerlaverock Wetland Centre is the perfect escape during the long winter months.

Barnacle geese at sunset_credit Faith Hillier (2).JPG

If there’s one thing this year has taught us, it’s that getting outside in nature, is vital for health and wellbeing. And even in the depths of winter when it’s cold and wet outside, being around water and wetlands, in particular, can bring extraordinary benefits. Take in the fresh air and appreciate what the great outdoors have to offer, in a safe way.

Hannah Clifford from WWT said:

“As the temperature dips and the dark nights draw in, it’s tempting to go into hibernation mode but to do so is to miss one of the most enchanting periods for nature on our wetlands.

“Whether it’s photographing spectacular ice patterns on frozen waters or listening to the trickling of a meandering stream, spending time in nature can do wonders for your wellbeing.

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WWT Caerlaverock Wetland Centre has the ‘We’re Good to Go’ stamp of approval, an industry standard which has been developed in partnership with Visit Scotland. The accreditation means visitors can rest assured that WWT Caerlavlerock is doing everything to ensure we operate within the relevant government and public health guidance for managing coronavirus risk. Wide paths, abundance of outdoor space, enhanced cleaning regimes and our online booking system all mean visitors can relax and enjoy their visit, confident WWT Caerlaverock is doing everything needed to keep everyone safe.

There are a few changes at WWT Caerlaverock and we are asking everyone to book in advance. Visitors can book tickets at

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