Wetland Resolutions

Some ideas for New Years Resolutions that benefit wildlife and wetlands!

1. Buy more locally grown fruit and vegetables

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2. Adopt an otter or duck

Help us protect these remarkable and threatened animals by adopting one today. Our adoption packs also make the perfect gift!

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3. Dig a pond

No matter how much room you have, you can build a pond that's beneficial to wildlife. Watch our video on how to make a mini pond here.


4. Install a water butt

Installing a water butt is a great way to save water at home. Find out more top tips for saving water here.

Water butt (2).JPG

5. Put up a bird box


6. Feed the birds in your garden

Giving much needed support to your local wildlife is as simple as putting out bird feed. You'll be amazed at the visitors you attract! Here's an idea for a simple homemade bird feeder.

great tit credit Alex Hillier (22).jpg

7. Visit a WWT Centre you have not been to before

Discover more of the wetland wildlife you love when you venture beyond Caerlaverock. Find out about our other sites here.


8. Join WWT

Help us conserve, restore and create wetlands, save wetland wildlife and receive unlimited access to our nine wetland centres.


9. Use re-usable bags rather than plastic bags, to save marine life

You can buy re-suable bags in our shops, either at centre on online, which also supports our conservation work.


10. Donate £10 for a wheelbarrow full of grain, for a swan feed at WWT Caerlaverock!

Ask one of our staff or volunteers for more information, next time you visit.

Swan feed credit Faith Hillier .JPG

Happy new year from us!