The Reedswamp exhibit is closed for restructuring work. We've also had to temporarily restrict some activities, including hand feeding. Find out more here.

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Woodland Loop feeders

Excellent opportunities to photograph passerines from the boardwalk by the feeders hide at any time of year.

Reedbed boardwalk

Warblers, dragonflies, and wintering pied wagtail are part of the prolific wildlife down the channels cut through the reedbed. Bring your long lens.

Reedbed Hide

This hide sits higher than most giving a view across the top of the reedbeds of roosting marsh harriers in autumn and winter. The nearby thatched roof of the Wetland Secrets building provides good opportunities to macro photography of solitary bees and parasitic wasps.

Scrape Hide

Kingfishers perch near to and across from the hide, posing for patient visitors. Loads of wintering wildfowl on the water.

Sand Martin Hide

The adjacent shoreline, small islands and perches in the shallows attract many species for photo opportunities at this hide. Please note: This windows of the hide are closed in spring to allow privacy for sand martins to nest in the artificial nest bank that surrounds the hide.

Ramsar Hide

The grassland to the left of the hide, the long island spit in front of the hide and the scrub on the right attract many species for photo opportunities.

Lapwing Hide

Lapwings, teal and nesting birds in spring provide photo opportunities from the windows of this hide.

Wetland Discovery Boat Safari ride

Buzzards above the Offham hangar, roach and rudd in the clear water below and kingfishers on the channels make great subjects for your camera.

Drones at WWT Arundel Wetland Centre

IMPORTANT - For the Health and Safety and privacy of visitors, staff, contractors, and residents - and for conservation and insurance reasons - please note that DRONES, UAVs, MODEL PLANES AND HELICOPTERS, etc. are not permitted into, or allowed to be used in or over the buildings, bird collection exhibits and wild reserve areas.

The use of drones / UAVs etc is forbidden and any such use will be challenged and reported to the Police.

The use of drones / UAVs is governed by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) CAP 393 - Air Navigation: Order and the Regulations.

Unmanned aircraft with a camera are classified as an unmanned surveillance aircraft and operators are prohibited by the CAA Order and Regulations from flying within 30 metres of any individual, or within 50 metres of any vessel, vehicle or structure which is not under the control of the person in charge of the drone / UAV.

Also, please note that the Data Protection Act 1998 governs and restricts the collection of identifiable images of individuals.