The UK is blessed with several beautiful and iconic wetland landscapes – from the Severn Estuary and the Norfolk Broads in the South to the Scottish Lochs and Flow Country in the North. While these landscapes still hold a special place in the hearts and minds of many of us, several of them are in a perilous state, suffering from a range of problems including pollution, drainage and loss of charismatic and emblematic species.

WWT has an active presence in many of these landscapes through its Wetland Centres. Historically we have focussed our efforts on making our own sites the best they can possibly be – the jewels in the crown of these landscapes. However, to reach their full potential, these sites need to be part of an ecologically functional landscape – one that better supports wetland wildlife alongside, and in harmony with, other uses of the land.

In recognition of this, WWT is increasingly engaging in the landscapes around our Wetland Centres – what we call the Waterscapes. Our work focusses on working collaboratively to restore habitats, enhance connectivity, and restore populations of species.