Senior Policy and Advocacy Officer

About me

I have always wanted a job, which I am not only passionate about delivers real change for the environment. I am at heart a scientist having done a degree in Zoology and Marine Zoology at Bangor and an MSc in Conservation and Biodiversity at Exeter University’s Cornwall Campus. It was here that I realised that research could only get you so far and that you needed to empower decision makers to act on that evidence. That’s what drew me to policy and the rest they say is history having now been at WWT for over 10 years.

I am a bit of a geek, I like crunching data, research and analysis, and understanding the detail, which is necessary if one is to be considered credible in this field. I like being creative and empowering others to change and I enjoy working together with others to deliver that change.


WWT has a huge wealth of experience in scientific research around key conservation issues affecting our wetlands and wildlife. It is my job to ensure that research and evidence leads to influencing decision makers, predominantly within Government and Parliament, but also within industry. My role is to secure changes to policy, strategy and legislation, which benefits and secures the protection, restoration and creation of our water based habitats.

I lead on three areas of work for the team calling for a supportive policy and funding framework to support blue carbon, natural flood management and water quality.

This involves substantial engagement with the Government Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, politicians, water industry, arms length bodies such as Environment Agency and Natural England and working in coalition and partnership with organisations such as other environmental organisations, academics and industry bodies.


Policy development and advocacy Research and analysis Networking and stakeholder engagement Report writing Working collaboratively across directorates and partner organisations


Oral evidence session, Environment Food and Rural Affairs Committee, Water Industry Regulation Inquiry, 2018