Severn Curlew Officer

About me

I am passionate about applied ecology and field-based conservation research, with a focus on birds of conservation concern. I have over ten years’ experience of working on ornithological research projects in the UK and abroad, as well as working in the ecological consultancy sector undertaking ornithological and protected species surveys. I am most at home in the field but enjoy the challenges of project management and ensuring a project maximises its potential. I have worked for WWT since 2019 and I am proud to be part of an organisation that is working at the forefront of wetland conservation and tackling climate change.


My work is focused on the Severn Curlew Project, which I joined as the Severn Curlew Officer in 2019. The project aims to better understand the wild Curlew population in the Severn and Avon Vales and the pressures that it is under, with the goal of improving the fortunes of the population through close-order management techniques and farmer liaison. My role is varied and challenging and consists of everything from managing the day-to-day running of the project, undertaking fieldwork and building relationships with farmers and landowners. In addition to my Severn Curlew Project work, I have worked extensively on an online resource for Curlew fieldworkers and on other fieldwork projects linked to the Severn estuary including tracking work focusing on functionally linked land.


  • Ornithological survey techniques including vantage point (VP), breeding and wintering bird surveys (BBS/WBS), Brown and Shepherd, wetland bird survey (WeBS)
  • Nest finding and other close-order management techniques
  • Project management
  • Collaborative working with outside partners and landowners