BBC Two Springwatch - live from Castle Espie

A WWT site, Castle Espie Wetland Centre in Northern Ireland, has been selected as one of three brand new live locations across the UK to host Springwatch, BBC Two’s popular and long running wildlife programme.

The programme will be broadcast live from Castle Espie on Tuesdays and Fridays for three weeks, starting on Tuesday 25 May and finishing on Friday 11 June.

Over the course of the broadcast Gillian Burke, one of the Springwatch presenters, will shine a spotlight on Castle Espie and its 60 acres of pristine wetland habitat filled with amazing wildlife including rare and threatened species.

The programme is likely to cover spring arriving at Castle Espie with all the wildlife highlights that entails, will discover the reserve at night and follow a variety of bird colonies throughout the broadcast. Camera operators will be on site so can capture all the latest wildlife action as it occurs.

Paul Stewart, Centre Manager at Castle Espie Wetland Centre said;

“We’re very excited to host the latest series of BBC Two’s Springwatch live from WWT Castle Espie.

From the return of migrating birds full of birdsong and the arrival of ducklings in our ponds and lakes, to the emergence of butterflies and wildflowers across the reserve, spring is a very colourful and noisy time around the nature reserve.

As a wetland conservation charity, we work hard to protect, preserve and promote the importance of wetlands and their wildlife in this part of Northern Ireland, so that they can continue to be enjoyed by many in the years to come.

Nature-rich wetlands like the ones at Castle Espie can help combat today’s nature, climate, and mental health crises, through their ability to boost biodiversity, store carbon, prevent flooding, clean water and improve people’s wellbeing.

We look forward to bringing the sights, sounds and benefits of wetlands and the spectacular views across Strangford Lough to viewers’ right across the UK.”

BBC Springwatch 2021 will be live on BBC 2 for three weeks from Tuesday 25th May to Friday 11th June, from 8-9pm in the evening. It will be filmed live from Castle Espie each Tuesday and Friday.

To catch up on any episodes you may have missed and read all about what is covered on the programme go to the BBC Springwatch website.