Here's how you helped in 2020

Thanks to you we’ve still managed to achieve some truly remarkable successes during a year of unprecedented, once in a lifetime challenges.

Despite the pandemic, we’ve been able to welcome thousands of you to our sites, and it’s not just people that rely on our wetlands.

Thanks to you, work on our reserves has continued, ensuring that as our winter migrants return, we’re able to offer them a safe haven where they can rest and recuperate after their long journeys.

A message from our President Kate Humble

A few of the highlights...

Wetlands to the rescue

Your support has helped us to bring wetlands centre stage to show how crucial they are in helping us meet the challenges of today’s global issues. From storing carbon and protecting us from floods, to preventing further biodiversity loss and boosting our health and wellbeing, we’ve demonstrated just how much wetlands have to offer.

Victory for wetland health

You’ve helped push for a momentous vote to ban lead shot in and around wetlands in the EU, taking us one step closer to ending the suffering of millions of waterbirds from lead poisoning.

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A boost for farmland birds

You’ve enabled new research which has shown that the humble farm pond can act as a much needed 'bird buffet' for declining farmland bird species, creating hubs of aquatic insects that would otherwise be absent from this land, much needed during breeding season.

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Your impact

Here's just some of the amazing things we've achieved this year, thanks to your fantastic support:

And finally...

A Christmas special

Treat yourself to our December Christmas special, rounding up the wildlife highlights from some of our reserves over the past month. And we hope you can take some cheer in this festive message below. Times are tough right now but hopefully our warmest wishes will bring a smile to your face:

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