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Adopt a duck

From the delicate tufted ducks that grace our ponds and waterways, to the eiders that endure the wild swells of the northern seas, their lives are as fascinating and diverse as the habitats they call home. Yet they are under threat.

Help our ducks

Ducks around the world are under threat from hunting, drought and destruction of their wetland homes. Some, like the Madagascar pochard and the Baer’s pochard, face extinction unless they get help now.

In China, we’re working to protect and restore priority wetlands for Baer’s pochard. While in Madagascar, we are working alongside local communities to develop sustainable management of wetlands to ensure a healthy home where Madagascar pochard can thrive.

An adoption like yours means we can literally bring a species back from the brink. We can also continue to perfect the research and conservation techniques we need to help ducks worldwide and ensure the survival of their wetland homes. It also supports our vital work monitoring threatened duck populations around the world.

Adopt a duck

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Minimum £36

A duck's webbed feet have no nerves or blood vessels so they don't feel hot or cold. This is an important adaptation, given that they can be found on every continent except for Antarctica.

When you adopt a duck, you'll receive

  • A fantastic information pack, full of inspiring facts about this wonderful bird
  • Free entry voucher to any of our centres around the UK
  • Wonderful poster, iconic sticker sheet and personalised certificate
  • Cute cuddly toy
  • Two adoption updates a year full of fascinating stories on your adopted duck

Adopt a duck today

Our ducks never fail to amaze. Support our work to conserve these remarkable species.