First Dance of the Cranes

Watch the incredible story of Christine and Monty, the first cranes to hatch a chick in western Britain in more than 400 years. Made by young wildlife filmmaker Ida May-Jones and narrated by TV presenter Miranda Krestovnikoff.

Cranes Calling

Hear the unmistakeable call of the common crane bugling across the wetlands of Slimbridge. We hope this call will be heard once more all along the Severn Vale.

Cranes dancing

Witness the spectacular and well choreographed dance of our courting cranes at Slimbridge and other WWT centres.

Attempted copulation

Cranes can be seen mating throughout spring although not always successfully...

Crane fight

Feathers fly as the adults cranes become territorial...


A system of interlocking reeds form the large nests of the common crane

Parent and chick

With mum and dad keeping an eye on them, the chicks from 2014 learn to forage for themselves (sadly these didn’t survive, but we have our fingers crossed for 2015)

Fox attack

Although cute and cuddly our crane chicks make an easy snack for predators. Can Chris and Monty fight off a fox..?